Sunday and Monday

I got to go to my first Savers Thrift store ever yesterday. It was in Rochester, MN. I didn’t buy anything. The prices are high compared to what I am used to at home. I didn’t see anything that was worth dragging across the country in an RV!  Jim thought the store was clean and bright and smelled better than most thrift stores. Aisles were wide. Jeans looked like they averaged $7 a pair. The shelves were full and there were lots of knick knacks. They had a large section of miscellaneous things that were bagged together. If we weren’t in a hurry to get back on the road, it would have been fun to look through all of those.Plus this one was right next to an Aldi so we bought pork chops and potatoes and cooked them for dinner! (Washing the dishes was a big pain. I don’t know why they didn’t install the taller faucet in this sink so that you could actually stick something under it to rinse it. I ended up soaked and so did the floor.)

We stayed the night in Rochester, MN at a KOA. The exhaust pipe for our generator fell off so that was quite fun. Jim was able to get it attached again using a metal coat hanger.

This morning we stopped at Interstate Motor Trucks and purchased the parts we needed to fix the exhaust pipe. But Jim thinks he needs a drill so we are leaving the coat hanger on for now and hoping for the best! While they were finding the parts, we shopped at a Wal-Mart and got some things that we forgot and on that list was Duct Tape. No RV should be without it!

We entered South Dakota (speed limit 80) and the freeway alternated between beautiful, smooth new pavement and ones that would shake your fillings loose. Our “Car-House” as the little guy next door to us called it, shook like crazy. It was really windy and there were hundreds if not thousands of wind turbines that we could see from the freeway. They are cool to watch.

This afternoon we hit another Savers Thrift store in Sioux Falls, SD. This store wasn’t as bright and didn’t smell as good as the one yesterday. Just the normal thrift store smell. The MN store had a lot more shelves of knick knacks and “stuff” than the SD store. Prices were about the same. At home, a coffee mug at a thrift store is usually around 59 cents. Both Savers stores started at 99 cents. I did find one Disney Goofy mug that I wanted to buy.. I also found an OSU scrubs shirt at this store. Go Bucks! (Did not buy the scrubs shirt!)

The campground that we are staying at tonight overlooks a Clark station and the freeway. That just cracked me up. So much for the great outdoors!! We ran across the street to eat at Al’s Oasis. From there we could see a lake. I just couldn’t see it from the RV. Upon closer inspection, we found that the Clark station is also a casino!

That’s it for today.



I have the washer and dryer running non-stop and we have been carting things out to the RV in the rain. Hope the weather clears up! We are going to try to make an early start tomorrow – but we will see! I just keep thinking of more and more things that we will need!

Not sure if we will visit a thrift store on day one or not!

Countdown to the start of our once-in-a-lifetime Vacation / Thrift Store Search

Monday Night – Labor Day! Four full days left until we leave! Jim and I went to our Son and Daughter-In-Law’s house to pick up the RV we bought last weekend. Jim has been trying to get the generator to work. For some reason it works for a few minutes but then it goes off. Hmmm. This isn’t good. Jim is going to call the dealer tomorrow and see what is going on.  I found some hand towels for 10 cents each on Saturday which are all washed up and in the pile in the living room. We also went to Village Thrift on Cleveland Ave. in Columbus yesterday. I bought 5 pairs of jeans and Jim bought 2 plus we bought 3 mugs and a devotional for $27.25!!  And they all fit which is a miracle!  No dressing rooms in this place. It was pretty crazy in there. Green tags were $1 and yellow tags were 50% off. We lucked out and bought some of both!  Jim did not like this store. Crowded with people and chaotic. They only had 2 check-out lines open and at least 15 people were in line behind us when we checked out. (One single line.) I am not sure I will be able to convince him to go back here. Regular prices were way too high for me. But the sale prices were good and 5 pair of jeans for me is pretty exciting! Gloria Vanderbilt Pink jeans new with tags for $7 was a bit high in my opinion but I bought them anyway!