Friday Sept 23, 2016 FIRST DAY OF THE JUNK JAUNT

Jim and I left the RV park and headed out to start our day. We started out at garage sales that were miles apart. That was discouraging but as we headed north, we started entering towns that had multiple sales. I really didn’t buy much today. Most of the sales include rusty farm stuff – not my thing. One lady told me that she had sold a bunch of these things that go between the parts on a “disker”. She said they are shaped like a barbell. She sold so many of them that her husband was busy taking apart another “disker” so they could sell more of them! She had no idea what people were doing with them and neither do I. Doesn’t sound like the Pinterest pages I look at!

Almost every sale has old straight back chairs that need recovered or need a new seat. If you knew how to do this, you would find an endless supply here.

I have sold some Popeye, Mickey Mouse and Snoopy fabric on Ebay lately. So I have been checking out the fabric at these sales. Found some Cat In The Hat fabric. Kind of seemed odd to me that it was at the home of a Mennonite family. It just didn’t seem like the kind of fabric that they would use!

We did stop at a Lutheran church today that was having a yard sale plus they had sold spaces to other vendors. They were selling pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. We had packed our own lunch but decided to try out the pies they were selling. We both chose cherry. OMG it was sooooo good! I wish I had taken pictures of this site as it was my favorite of the day. The man working the rummage sale portion was funny and was practically giving the stuff away! Another thing to note here was how many people from the church were working at the church booths. We always struggle to get enough people there to work on Friday. They had a bunch of men and women working and they were not all retirement age either!

I know Jim commented on Facebook about how kind and nice the people have been but I want to mention it also. The people are just amazing. They are so friendly. We stopped in a little carryout to use their bathroom and buy M&M’s and the person at the counter was listing off sales we should go to and how to get to them.

I have been surprised at how many unpaved roads they have around here. They are dirt but covered with gravel. The paved roads they do have are pot hole free!  So different from home.

We ended the day at Red Lobster because we were both too tired to cook. Tomorrow I plan to bring more water for each of us. We brought a small cooler with us but it was 89 degrees today and we both got really thirsty. There was a pretty strong breeze so that helped a lot. We talked to a man on our way out of the restaurant that was on his way to Colorado. He is from Canton, OH! Small world.

I bought some popcorn today that was made locally. I can’t wait to try it. One guy was there when I was buying it and he said that he buys a case of it every time he comes here from Minnesota. They told me we can buy it on the internet and the Minnesota guy was appalled at the thought of paying shipping! I am sure that would be cheaper than driving from Minnesota! (Or Ohio!)

I bought: a couple books, some English cups and saucers, a new crocheted blanket (for $1!)- it is really hideous but Jim and the dogs don’t care!, some ribbon, some craft and quilting  patterns, 2 boxes of Corning Christmas dishes, a Hull dish, and some Frankoma plates. Everything is still in the car so I am trying to list these from memory.

We are heading a new direction tomorrow so we will see whether that has more interesting stuff.





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