Nebraska JUNK JAUNT and more

Thursday, September 22, 2016

We left home on Tuesday, the 20th and headed towards Nebraska. This year we towed Jim’s car on the back of the RV. Today we started the day at McDonalds somewhere near Waukee, IA.  Found out that they have taken Bagels off the breakfast menu.  We don’t know if this is company wide or if it was only at the 15 stores that this franchisee owns. The employees didn’t know either. Jim was very disappointed. I saw people come in to order and leave without any food. I think they were disappointed too.

Interesting thing that happened here – as I was getting my iced tea, I could hear some of the retirees that gather there discussing Ohio State football!! Small world!

Our trip has been pretty uneventful so far. We did encounter a storm yesterday near Davenport, IA. Not much rain but the wind was terrible. Jim had to fight to keep the RV on the road. Of course, this was all in a construction area that was down to one lane and wasn’t where we could exit anywhere either. The wind blew so much that the car alarm in Jim’s car that we were towing went off. So in the midst of us weaving around the lane in the wind we started hearing the beep beep beep of the car alarm. I found my set of keys and went back to the back window and tried to hit the alarm button on the key fob. Nothing. It just kept beeping. Finally Jim yelled at me to hit the “lock” button. That worked. After the car stopped beeping, I turned around on the bed and we hit a bump and I fell into the drawer handles and hit my head. It really hurt!

The RV TV is not digital so we aren’t able to watch TV unless the campground have cable. So far this trip we haven’t been lucky enough to hit one that has cable. And the wifi is really spotty. Comes and goes. So I will try to keep up with the blog but not sure how often I will be able to.

Last night Jim taught me how to play Rummy. I think I learned it as a kid but I haven’t played it in over 30 years so I really didn’t remember anything. I found out that I can no longer shuffle cards. When I tried, they flew all over the RV so we had to count them to be sure we found them all. Obviously, it isn’t like riding a bike. They were new cards but I don’t think that was the problem!

Today we arrived in Kearney, NE where we will be for the next 4 nights. We plan to get up at 6 and be on the road by 7 so we will be at the garage sales by 8 am. There are over 700 garage sales at the 2016 Nebraska Junk Jaunt.(I think it includes about 300 miles.)  I have the car packed with some boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and 3 big rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. I am ready to buy some stuff!

Yes, I did find a use for the Christmas wrapping paper I was trying to get rid of! I got a lot of Christmas wrapping paper in an auction lot and I never wrap gifts. But I found that it makes better packing paper than newspaper as it doesn’t get all that ink on your hands!  (I promise I will save some for the church craft bazaar!)

Tomorrow (if we have wifi) I will let you know how the sales went!




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