Day 5 & 6 – Mount Rushmore and Old Faithful

We got up early Wednesday morning and drove to Mt. Rushmore. I had never been there before. What an amazing sight! So hard to imagine all of those workers blasting rock into the shapes of those faces.

We then hopped back in the car and drove until we hit Cody, WY. The first place we went to was full so we had to drive a little farther and had to set up in the dark. We woke up to a spectacular view and 37 degrees. We drove to Yellowstone and got to see Old Faithful. When we first got into the park, there were 2 huge buffalo walking down the lane on the opposite side. They didn’t care at all that they were holding up traffic. As they passed our RV, one of them looked sideways at Jim with such a look of disgust. Wish I could have captured that in a picture. It snowed while we drove around the park and it was accumulating on the trees near the street.  I wish we had brought more cool weather clothes. I was wearing 2 jackets and a long sleeve shirt and it was so cold! Of course, as we were waiting on Old Faithful it was raining so that didn’t help.

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