Day Four: Wall Drug, The Badlands, and Custer State Park

We had a busy day today.We saw field after field of sunflowers this morning. I have never seen that before. But I guess the sunflower seeds we buy at the grocery store have to come from somewhere! The fields go forever and ever. Beautiful to look at.

We stopped at Wall Drug in Wall, SD.. I remember reading about this company in college in a marketing class. Nothing exciting just lost of junk to buy but now I can say I have been there!

Then we drove to The Badlands. Amazing. I didn’t like the narrow roads in an RV. (With huge drop offs at the edge of the road! We pulled over at one of the View Points and had our lunch in the RV. Jim commented how nice it was to have our lunch with such a beautiful view all in the comfort of our air-conditioned RV!

We then went to see the Custer State Park. We took Wildlife Loop Road and saw antelope, burros, and bison!  We didn’t see the Prairie Dogs that Jim and our boys saw in 2004.

We drove on curvy, narrow roads out to Custer, SD and ate dinner at Cattlemen 140. It was just ok. As I spotted a Dairy Queen down the street we walked there to get ice cream for dessert!  We are staying overnight in Beaver Lake Campground. It is the most level campsite we have had so far!

No thrift stores today. Just sight-seeing.

Tomorrow Mount Rushmore. It opens at 5 am but I don’t think we will be there that early!



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